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Our Mission is to create products which are not just safe but we can proudly boast by calling them the healthiest amongst our competitors.There have been numerous claims by companies of making their product different from allopathic medicines available in market but we wanted to be unlike by clubbing the modern and ancient approach together and create a revolutionary product which is safe and healthy. We know what it takes to call a medicine healthy, so we are striving hard as it takes to create only those products which can either completely be agreed upon our policy of being based completely upon Ayurveda or simply get rejected. Either ways we do not want to compromise with your health or the trust that will make you buy our products.

Our Products

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    Mid Night – Power Booster Capsules

    Mid Night Power Booster capsules helps to boost energy level, male libido Enhancer and premature ejaculation treatment. This is a revolutionary and proven formulation created by a panel of famous Ayurvedic experts. Each Mid Night capsule is the aggregate of seven powerful minerals and herbs like Kaunch Beej, Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Shilajit, Aqarkarha Bhasma, Safed Musli , which are well known for increasing the stamina and revitalizing the body. This product is developed on the basis of 1000 years of proven and time tested Ayurvedic ‘Vajikarana’ therapy, which is really a strong therapy believed to increase the vigor and vitality, the holistic health and imparting the stamina of stallions to the users. This is the reason why these capsules are very helpful in enhancing the stamina, mood and energy in a completely safe way. According to Sushruta, the seeds are used as the promoter of virility or the Bhavamisra and the other properties of these seeds is anthelmintic, astringent and nervine tonic. On the other hand, the root works as a diuretic and nerve tonic and the power of the root is a laxative. Hair that covers the seed pods are locally stimulant, vermifuge and also mild vesicant.

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    Pilestreat is another original product from VXL Inc that is known for its effect on treating the problems like piles, Fissure and Fistula. This ayurvedic solution not only treats the problem of piles but also works on the root cause of the Hemorrhoids. With the best laxative and purgative ingredients, this ayurvedic formula is the most powerful hemostatic and stool softener. VXL Inc is known for the purity of the products and their effectiveness. Pilestreat is one of the best products manufactured by the VXL Inc.

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    Skin Clear

    Skin Clear Cream is one of the new remedies that is put together for all who are looking for the fair glowing skin. For those who are looking for brightening the skin tone, while reducing the dark circles and spots and even to reduce the sun damage, this cream has definitely proved itself. With this very formula, you can achieve fairer skin without the use of laser or any other painful or difficult solutions. Unlike all other solutions available in the market, this cream has been tested by dermatologists and is known for providing mind-blowing and glorious results that you are looking for.

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